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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in the saddle again: THRILLVILLE'S SATANIC SCI-FI SCHLOCK-O-RAMA 8/20

Poster by Miles Goodrich:
Just when I thought it was safe to take a break from Thrillville....due to "popular demand" I just added another summertime show to the Thrill-bill, THRILLVILLE'S SATANIC SCI-FI SCHLOCK-O-RAMA featuring rare 35mm prints of two vintage "classics," MISSILE TO THE MOON (1958) and THE DEVIL'S HAND (1962), with a heated half-time show by the luscious ladies of RED HOTS BURLESQUE, at the 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, Thursday August 20, 7:30, $12. Why? Because if I don't, who will?

My friend Mark Haskett, who ran Central Cinema in Alameda for four audacious years (it's a mortuary converted into a 49 seat theater, with sofas!), has this 35mm print of Missile to the Moon just sitting in his garage, while the projectionist at the 4 Star Theater, Jim, happens to have a 35mm print of The Devil's Hand just languishing, unloved. I'm pretty free these days, since I'm basically unemployed and can't afford a real vacation this summer, so what the hell? Missile to the Moon is actually a remake of Catwomen of the Moon (1952), which I showed at the Livermore Library last year. Why anyone would rip-off this movie is a mystery, but it does contain all the essential ingredients of your basic low-budget 50s space travel flick: a remote planet/astroid/whatever amazingly populated by lonely, humanoid pinup models (this one features the winners of the "International Beauty Contest"), horny, stupid astronauts, giant puppet spiders and other bargain basement beasts, cheap sets, etc. Like most remakes, it's worse than the original, which in this context means it's even better. The co-feature, The Devil's Hand, is actually a pretty effective little thriller, a steamy brew of voodoo, moody mysticism, devilish dolls and sexy seduction. Cheap outer space thrills mixed with sultry supernatural chills - how can I pass that up? How can you? Be there or be square, Thrill Seekers. Cheers!