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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tease 'n' Tiki: Burlesque lives at Forbidden Island

MC Thrill: I love my job

Burlesque? In Alameda? WOOOOOOOO!

I've been booking burlesque acts for years as part of my Thrillville show. It's become a main attraction of the gig and a real source of pride for me personally. The sudden shutdown of Speakeasy Theaters hasn't broken my record, either. Now that I'm publicist/booker for Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge of Alameda, I have a chance to work with many of the acts - including bands - that were staples of Thrillville, as well as attract some new talent. I just added burlesque to Forbidden Island's lineup last week. Our premiere troupe was Original Sin of Danville, CA (who also own their own lingerie shop!). It was an incredible show, possibly FI's busiest Thursday night ever. Tassles 'n' tikis - how could you go wrong?

Burlesque is truly an Art Form. There's nothing sleazy about it (although the heated crowd and exotic locale did make me think of some Singapore dive full of smoke, sex and sweaty sailors). These gals work very hard at their craft and it shows. They offer sultry sensuality but also a celebration of Life. They elicit whoops of joy from male and female alike. The retro combination of live burlesque in a tiki bar was a sensory overload. It was like a glorious cocktail-fueled time warp, a hipster hallucinogenic. The plan is to offer live burlesque at Forbidden Island the second Thursday of every month. Next: Red Hots Burlesque July 9 and Hubba Hubba Revue August 13. Aloha!

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