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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Do You Know the Way to THRILLVILLE?

That's a wrap: sadly, suddenly, Speakeasy theaters is history. But The Thrill ain't gone. Not by a long shot.

I have already moved my next gig, the originally scheduled "Tribute to Creature Features" with HORROR OF PARTY BEACH (1964), rare footage of Bob Wilkins, special guest Mr. Lobo, and surf band Aardvark. Same date, Thursday June 18, but new time and admission (7:30, $10) and a new venue, my South Bay debut: CAMERA 3 CINEMA, 288 S. Second St., San Jose, CA 95113, (408) 294-3334. The show goes on! I am also working behind the scenes to bring Thrillville to other Bay Area venues.

Thrill Seeker "Zombie Dog" sent me this photo of a billboard off 1-80 near Davis, CA. It's not an ad for my show, or the George Lucas video game (which co-opted by moniker years after I began using it commercially) - it's for Johnsonville Sausage! The cosmic meaning is open to interpretation. Am I dead meat? "Juicy and well-seasoned" as my wife puts it? A total prick? Or is this the beginning of a subversive campaign to make Thrillville a household name? Postive things are in the works. Let's all keep hope alive. Cheers!